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pupfrens was created organically from the amazing puppy coin community

much questions

what is $PUP?
$PUP is decentralized meme coin called puppy coin
pupfrens must be purchased with $PUP in the initial minting phases

how do i acquire $PUP?
$PUP can be purchased from the puppy coin website:

can i buy pupfrens with ETH?
pupfrens can be purchased with ETH only in the final phase
minting with $PUP will have priority and there may not be any remaining to be sold for ETH

what are the minting tiers?
the minting happens in tiers, with more expensive tiers going first
more expensive tiers are guaranteed to mint rarer pupfrens

can i still get a rare pupfren in the later tiers?
yes you can still get a rare pupfren in the later tiers
but the chances of that happening are lower than if you were to mint in the more expensive tiers

what is the max supply of pupfrens?
the max supply of pupfrens is 10,000

where can i learn more?
follow us on twitter and join the discord in the links above!

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